Sum Ergo Sum

That Unfolding

Someone asked me- “How do you act i everyday life after you’ve experienced the awakened state. How do others react to this“?

The seemingly cleaver reader will (like I would) wait for an answer that indicates a dualistic mind at work.
So let me begin with saying: There is no “me” that can choose to act in a certain way. Neither is there a “me” that have had the experience of “the awakened state”.
Mind games aside, here comes the answer:

It’s not that complicated really. If you are conditioned to be an actor playing a specific part in a specific play, you just play along.
The conditioning of this Me-actor  and this play happened, and continues to happen,  without me knowing it.
I did not choose that to happen. I was not aware of becoming an actor and I didn’t know the play was made up by the workings of human mind.
No one is controlling it. There is no author, no director. It just unfolds according to the given conditions.

The Director or Governing Laws of choise (God, Buddha, Brahman, Laws of the Universe, Randomness, Energy, The Divine Power etc) are themselves part of the play. They arise within the human mind.

They arise within the human mind” should also be added to the list above.
“”They arise within the human mind” should also be added to the list above.”  should also be added to the list above.
And the creating of external forces of creation thus grows ad infinitum.

Adding “And the creating of external forces of creation thus grows ad infinitum” makes the whole thing absurd.
When you realize that whatever your mind comes up with should be added to the list, there is laughter.
The play starts to become playful.

So the play is created within human mind because that is how the mind unfolds, how it works. But human mind is not all there is. Human mind is only part of what unfolds in the totality of ever ongoing creation.
Everything else is “What Is”.

What Is can only be understood by human mind.
But the understanding cannot be complete. Mind can only comprehend what happens on the staged reality created by itself. That is, the minds version of What Is.
Therefore, mind is always dealing with itself, without knowing what it does, without being mindful of itself.

The eye seeing everything but seeing itself.

The answer to the question is simply that I keep acting like before. I know my part and I know the play. It follows the rules of the dualistic mind.
It is about dividing, understanding, predicting, controling and achieving.
We all know the play, don’t we?
The difference now is that I know this is a play. I know my part is based on the basic premises of the play. I know these premises to be an artifact of the human mind. Nothing more, nothing less.
I also know that this knowledge, just like any knowledge the “I” can “have”, is part of the play.
It is in a sense artificial knowledge.

The concequence of this “knowing” is that I can play my part without being caught up in it, as if acting/action was all there is. When circumstances allowes for it, I can take my costume of and watch the play as a spectator. Relaxing in a comfortable seat, amused and amazed.

Just sitting
Just looking
Not acting

Gradually I have come to value this play for what it is. To become a true spectator made me uneasy for a while. I questioned the use of playing along. The acting suddenly seemed like “pretending” to be something I was not. The play seemed unreal.
Thankfully this play-aversion has lost it’s grip. The acting is not for real, nor is it un-real.
It seem like dividing What Is into play vs. reality is just another part of the play.
It seems like – since the human mind is also part of What Is – the undividable, the non-dual, can divide itself while still being whole. 

Not One
Not Two

All of this is of course not true, nor is it not-true.
This is not the way it works, still it works like this.
All of the above has unfolded within the play.
That is all there is.
That unfolding.


23 responses to “That Unfolding

  1. seeingwhatis 2013/12/12 at 17:13

    There is not no meaning.
    There is meaning, But meaning does not exist.
    Its a fabrication.
    The concept is lade up.
    As theresvis no here theres.
    And if there were meaning, it woulf still be impossible to Do or say Anything that menas Anything.

    • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 17:18

      Well played

    • seeingwhatis 2013/12/14 at 10:31

      Have to correct my spelling…. There is not no meaning. There is meaning, But meaning does not exist. Its a fabrication. The concept is Made up. As there is no here OR there.
      And if there were meaning, it woulf still be impossible to Do or say Anything that menas Anything.

      So…that’s clearer

  2. Eva 2013/12/12 at 17:21

    Tack! 🙂

    • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 17:43

      Mitt nöje

      • Eva 2013/12/12 at 19:33

        En fråga Niklas:
        Do you sometimes still get caught up in the play? Does that “happen”?
        Curious? A dualistic question? 🙂

      • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 19:40

        Oh yes, that happens. Thats not a problem as long as I accept it. If I tried to avoid the way of dualistic mind I would be in trouble.
        A strong desire to “become non-dualistic” would be another trap.
        Eva, all questions are dualistic- coming from mind. All answers are dualistic- coming from mind.

      • Eva 2013/12/12 at 19:49

        Yes!! Of course! 😀 😀

      • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 20:55

        File under “more of the same”:
        Haha, ain’t it beautifully absurd?

      • Eva 2013/12/12 at 21:47

        If ok, one more question…
        What kind of troubles do you think one can experience if avoiding the way of dualistic mind? And how did the unease play out in the beginning when just observing?
        Oops two questions 😉

      • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 22:06

        1. The trouble of constantly looking for signs of failure. The trouble with trying to control what is beyond control. The trouble of making your self responsible for a process beyond its control. In short, the trouble of suffering.
        2. Much as described above. A subtle discomfort in knowing my reality so far was “a play” with me as “an actor”. Also the terrifying insight that everything “real” would exclude “me”. That is, knowing that Reality Kills Me.

        Make sense?

  3. Eva 2013/12/12 at 22:17

    Makes sense?

    1. Yes partly.
    The trouble of
    -constantly looking for signs of failure (not really)
    – trying to control what is beyond control. (Yes 🙂 )
    -making your self responsible for a process beyond its control. (Yes 🙂 )
    – of suffering (Yes 🙂 )

    2. Yes! 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Niklas 2013/12/12 at 23:15

      “Constantly looking for failure” could mean asking: Curious? A dualistic question?
      That seems like questioning your own question. To me that would be troublesome.
      Enough said.
      I’m tired.

      • seeingwhatis 2013/12/14 at 09:29

        Questions and answears are dualistic IF belived in by stater or reciever or by anyone.
        In reality there is no such.

      • Niklas 2013/12/14 at 09:45

        I would say that “belief” is included in the non-dual. If the belief do exist, where else can it arise and hapoen?

      • seeingwhatis 2013/12/14 at 10:21

        Exactly. Belief is the mindbug. Where there is belief, belief IN will arise.

      • seeingwhatis 2013/12/14 at 10:27

        And belief comes out of…?
        Belief is whisful thinking. Equals resistance, aka non-acceptance aka fear aka boxing with shadows.
        Faith… works. Total faith in what noone can know, and bla bla bla

    • Eva 2013/12/14 at 10:49

      Yes, I do question my own questions and myself often.
      Good to see that. Thx!

      • Niklas 2013/12/14 at 11:59

        Yiiippieee! And then how do you handle this Q’ ing of your own Q’s? How to make it stop?

      • Eva 2013/12/14 at 13:33

        Do I need to try to stop it…. not sure…
        I try to just see it, i think (and thank you, you helped me w that)
        Yes, see it, just try to accept it and let it flow through me.

      • Eva 2013/12/14 at 14:03

        And now I must admit. I do this because I hope to stop it.
        Hahahaha lol

      • Niklas 2013/12/14 at 22:18

        Well done 😀
        One mistake.
        A million mistakes.

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