Sum Ergo Sum

Mind 22

To create solidity and knowledge, mind has to move. A perfectly still mind will not get hold on reality, but follow the constant flow.
To know minds fluent nature is thus impossible.


3 responses to “Mind 22

  1. Hariod Brawn 2015/02/05 at 13:03

    Are you sure Yossarian?

    • Niklas 2015/02/15 at 13:30

      I will never know minds fluent nature. There is no escape from it. Only I can hide from it. That is all I ever do.
      The 1 Whole of 3 in Unity is Secured
      The Sacred Holy 3-unity is the answer to your quest.
      That is the only answer.
      I will never ask the right question because I know everything.
      That is It

      • Hariod Brawn 2015/02/15 at 13:37

        No need for obliqueness here Niklas. Awareness is just as it is, nothing mysterious; all that is needed is the tiniest shift in perspective and you will see fluidity and stillness all at once.

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