Sum Ergo Sum

This bouncing between This and That

Now I am HERE without knowing how to explain why. It is because of unconditioned force conditioning Everything, but that will hardly pass for a reasonable explanaition. Lucky for me/us that reason is kind of a joke in our little community of wise fools, so no need to elaborate further confusion.

I thought this blog to be sort of restricted to zen/nondualism-ish content and felt like expanding a bit. That will probably mean contracting but that is just technicalities of speech. I just wanted to tell you what is happening at what appears to be “my place” i.e. no particlar place at all.

As always, let us be done and enjoy the ride.

All Good



How to spot a conceptual Dualist

Says: I’m a dualist.
This is uncommon as everyone seems to have abandoned dualism.

Says: I’m a nondualist.
This is very common. Someone not understanding – this as opposed to that IS how dualistic mind always knows reality.

Being put in place

If you let go of letting go
You will be stuck to
What is left of
Being right

Mind 22

To create solidity and knowledge, mind has to move. A perfectly still mind will not get hold on reality, but follow the constant flow.
To know minds fluent nature is thus impossible.

A fishy situation

You’re a fish
Truth is a bait
Reality is the hook
Can you satisfy your hunger for knowing the truth without getting hooked on the ultimate sharpness of reality?
How will you breathe when hung out to dry?
How full of truth can you be without sinking to the bottom of your pond?


Now elsewhere
Then here
Every night asleep
Every day awake
United we’re born
Divided we live
Time, space
Night and day
Comes and goes
As does the flash of light
As does the caravan
of lonely wanderers on the path
Now leading elsewhere
Finally ending here

The response of resistance

Thinking about what to do feels like putting the flow of events on hold.
One gets the impression of gaining control before taking action.
How strange we refuse to see that for what it is, a response among responses. How much effort must not be put in the practice of not responding with not responding.

The mistake of not knowing one is right

Cogito, Ergo René Descartes

Ultimate Reality 1596-1650


Experience of Existence

Not knowing knowing will do some things.
Knowing one knows will do many things.
Knowing one knows nothing will
do everything for the doer, finally knowing how it is done.

Enlightend by everything, Ego can find it’s rightful place and joyfully play the part given in what happens.
To sense the experience of existence.

A Servants Prayer

Separation is the slave of Unity
Self is working for the All of Us
All of Us are Everythings slave
Everything is This
Every Thing is in the service of This
May I be of Service