Sum Ergo Sum

Mind Happens

How can I observe my own mind if it takes a mind to do the observation?
I have but one mind and it reacts only to what makes contact with it.
Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch
Mind is a balloon filled with water
Push its surface and it will move
First the surface moves according to your pushing
Then movements energy is pushed within the mind
Mind moving itself from within
Creating an intricate pattern of neural activity
Thoughts, signals prompting movement, reflexes
and what have we not
Maybe consciousness?

All begins with the push,
the input at the boundrary of mind
All that follows is a work of the minds Internal Affairs
There is no one outside of the mind controlling it,
just the constant flow of random pushing
No external observer of this process
Neither is there anyone inside the mind
observing or controlling

There is no separate “me”-part
within my conscious mind
There is only the waves
created by the outside pushing the surface,
and the chain reaction of waves
created by the water inside the balloon.

Me-waves, not a Me-part
You-waves, a mind-You
Here-waves, wherever the mind goes
Now-waves, always
Buddha-waves, for comfort and inspiration

My mind is not doing anything
My mind is done by anything
coming its way, pushing it.

Therefore, any action I take is an illusion
Not the action itself, but the I taking it
Mind, not the I-wave, is the doer
Itself being done by what is
and the happenings of what is
An integral part of an ongoing process
without beginning or end

This mind have but one I 
This I can become only
what makes contact with this mind
So the mind happens
to create I
my Self



Let me put it this way:

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