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How to spot a conceptual Dualist

Says: I’m a dualist.
This is uncommon as everyone seems to have abandoned dualism.

Says: I’m a nondualist.
This is very common. Someone not understanding – this as opposed to that IS how dualistic mind always knows reality.


3 responses to “How to spot a conceptual Dualist

  1. seeingwhatis 2015/02/25 at 08:53

    A few minor misunderstandings here I am afraid…

  2. seeingwhatis 2015/02/25 at 09:06

    The “I am-part” sages talk about means just that. The sage feel “I am” but may say “I am that”.
    It’s about not feeling beeing something. What he says is irrelevant.
    Question is really, do you suffer or don’t you.
    If you do, you are form, and form is separated from everything, not in reality but in the mind of form.
    If you don’t suffer, you may be in harmony. Meaning being All. Also being form. But not in illusion of being form. Being in illusion of being form means that mind has separated. A not separated mind understands form-mind but does not identify as form. He sees what you see, but he sees even more. Therefore he is not separate from that kind of mind. He understands it.
    He is no mind. And all mind.

  3. seeingwhatis 2015/02/25 at 09:09

    If someone say the things you quote above AND mean it, then it is a dualistic believer. Yes.

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