Sum Ergo Sum

This bouncing between This and That

Now I am HERE without knowing how to explain why. It is because of unconditioned force conditioning Everything, but that will hardly pass for a reasonable explanaition. Lucky for me/us that reason is kind of a joke in our little community of wise fools, so no need to elaborate further confusion.

I thought this blog to be sort of restricted to zen/nondualism-ish content and felt like expanding a bit. That will probably mean contracting but that is just technicalities of speech. I just wanted to tell you what is happening at what appears to be “my place” i.e. no particlar place at all.

As always, let us be done and enjoy the ride.

All Good



One response to “This bouncing between This and That

  1. seeingwhatis 2015/03/18 at 12:28

    Well, the sky is the ground and form is the expressions of the harmonious empty motion. In is out, when it comes to breathing. You are being breathen by the sky and universe.

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