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Chair/Cushion ratio

Learning something new there’s the tendency to focus way to much on understanding. Instead of diving totally into practice a lot of time is spent on reading, talking and youtubeing the subject. In my case, meditation and spiritual practice. For me this is of great importance to notice and deal with. I’m an academic by head and worse, by heart. Reading about meditation, gurus and awakening can really absorb me. At the end of the day my head is tangeled up in words and images of how to avoid being tangeled up in words and images.

How messed up is that, and how common.

So to counter that I have devised a *drumroll* THEORY OF PRACTICE! Yes, before even sitting my bony butt down on the Sacred Safu I’ve figured out a way to make my bony butt sit on the Sacred Safu instead of slouching on an office chair staring at my Mad Mac, i.e. exactly what I’m doing right now.
So here goes:
For every minute on Chair I’m obligated to spend equal time on Cushion. For example; this post takes 20 minutes to write so that means 20 minutes of mandatory Cushion. The other way round; sitting in actual practice on Cushion for 15 minutes allows 15 minutes of scholarship/distraction.
The Chair/Cushion ratio (CCr) should at any time not exceed One. That is a nice number as it reminds me of Oneness or Singularity. Fractions closing in on Two is Duality Alert and if I loose track completely there’s the risk of Triality. Further on down that road we have the perils of Quadrality. I haven’t figured the whole THEORY OF REALITY RATIO out so we’ll have to save that one for later. The bottom line will probably be that the more we do actual practice, on or off Cushion, the closer we’ll get to Re-ality. From what I have read so far, Re-ality contains all of the other-alities in one gig. Like, whatever your mind comes up with in terms of labelling the matter of concern, Re-ality is the one and only call.

Anyways, this is my first post, my first thoughts and my opening display of how my funny mind works.
This post took 35 minutes to write.
You go figure.
I go sit.