Sum Ergo Sum

No One Will Ever Know That

Awareness is the only End State
Everything is the forerunner of Awareness
Awareness is of Reality
as waves are of water
Reality will never be known
as my skin will never know the sun
There is just this warmth


A:q A:a

The answer to your question will be found in the moment just before the answer is given, but only s/he who answers can notice that.
For you to know the answer, you must find awareness in the moment just before you state the question.

As soon as questions and answers take form, the point is missed.

Being You

You came to be, so You became
You’re coming to be, so You are becoming
You will be gone, so You will go

Will being be enough or will You be You?

Still alive and kicking

Being aware of the present makes Self impossible. So fuck you dharama.
Right here everything means nothing but “what it is”. There is a longing, but that too means nothing when attended to. It’s a mere itch. Debris of a self gone.
A punkrock song on full blast is just as meaningful or pointless. So fuck you dharma. -Fuck that too – one of thousand waves. Watching from down under.
Almost Dead.
An empty stare of surprise where once was a smiling Me, sharing things done.
Now I am done.

Good to know there’s still a part left.
I say – Fuck the damn dharma.
Just as it should.
Still doing it’s thing.

To metaphors

Thanks for pointing out;
Nothing is like anything.
Now, you may stop pointing.

Simple Paradox

Once the conceptual mind has been somewhat illuminated by its own absence, it can become rather playful.
After a full day if Zazen I say:
– Ahh paradox, spending a whole day sitting down trying not to fool yourself that you’re spending a whole day sitting down.
So someone replies:
– But there is no paradox. It is just your mind that creates that. In reality it is simple and clear.
So I say:
– But non-paradox is in reference to paradox, so how can it be simple and clear without being paradoxical?

Mindplay, how clever. How amusing when knowing there is no one playing.
Just minds happening.
Like sound bouncing around, appearing as “conversation”.

The Dark-ish Night

In my boundless ignorance I find myself in the infamous Dark Night of the Soul
Of course there is no me that can be anywhere, but still
It is happening, or so it seems
Of course it is all illusion, part of the play
the dancing What Is, the Queen Everything

The Dark Night is not dark at all, that would be better
Dark, better yet, BLACK is something to deal with
to fight or fall into, an enemy to test your strength
The Dark Night holds the promise of Daylight

What my I experiences is better described as
The Grey-ish Dusk of a tiered Soul
It is not horrible but uncomfortable
It is not hard but effortful
It is not pointless but questionable
It is not cold as death nor hot as hell but tepid

Every apperance of form is partially dissolved by emptieness
Every open space is cluttered by the pieces of broken form
Things are what they used to be, only less present, 
Nothing has not yet been allowed to whipe out
the remains of form, conceptual form
Illusion if you will (watch out for the You and the Will)

All is less present to the remaining Self, even the experience of Self
The thinning of Me, slow illusory death
Nothing to fill the gap
But nothing comes without effort
Doing nothing, emptieness appears
Do something and things appear

All this being a terrified ego’s attempt of looking away
by pretending to understand
Standing knee deep in confusion
it is all perfect nonsense
A brilliant mistake, made by no one

So while the little me is experiencing this grey-ish dusk of
a reality once real
The big me experience nothing
being everything

36 lines, none the wiser

Just one thing

When there is no one there resisting confusion, confusion becomes ultimate reality
When there is no one there wanting wisdom, wisdom becomes ultimate reality
When there is no one there,
are all ultimate reality
Therefore, do nothing
Let it be done
No effort needed

No special way

To awaken the mind
you do not need to look at reality
in a special way
It is all about no looking at illusion
in the common way


Something happens
so I do something
It is done
I do something
so something happens
I am done

Above and beyond
there is no mystery
Before and after
there is nothing

Within that which happens
all answers are revealed