Sum Ergo Sum

Still alive and kicking

Being aware of the present makes Self impossible. So fuck you dharama.
Right here everything means nothing but “what it is”. There is a longing, but that too means nothing when attended to. It’s a mere itch. Debris of a self gone.
A punkrock song on full blast is just as meaningful or pointless. So fuck you dharma. -Fuck that too – one of thousand waves. Watching from down under.
Almost Dead.
An empty stare of surprise where once was a smiling Me, sharing things done.
Now I am done.

Good to know there’s still a part left.
I say – Fuck the damn dharma.
Just as it should.
Still doing it’s thing.


One response to “Still alive and kicking

  1. seeingwhatis 2014/09/10 at 08:51

    Of course! đŸ˜€
    Hi man!

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