Sum Ergo Sum

The Dark-ish Night

In my boundless ignorance I find myself in the infamous Dark Night of the Soul
Of course there is no me that can be anywhere, but still
It is happening, or so it seems
Of course it is all illusion, part of the play
the dancing What Is, the Queen Everything

The Dark Night is not dark at all, that would be better
Dark, better yet, BLACK is something to deal with
to fight or fall into, an enemy to test your strength
The Dark Night holds the promise of Daylight

What my I experiences is better described as
The Grey-ish Dusk of a tiered Soul
It is not horrible but uncomfortable
It is not hard but effortful
It is not pointless but questionable
It is not cold as death nor hot as hell but tepid

Every apperance of form is partially dissolved by emptieness
Every open space is cluttered by the pieces of broken form
Things are what they used to be, only less present, 
Nothing has not yet been allowed to whipe out
the remains of form, conceptual form
Illusion if you will (watch out for the You and the Will)

All is less present to the remaining Self, even the experience of Self
The thinning of Me, slow illusory death
Nothing to fill the gap
But nothing comes without effort
Doing nothing, emptieness appears
Do something and things appear

All this being a terrified ego’s attempt of looking away
by pretending to understand
Standing knee deep in confusion
it is all perfect nonsense
A brilliant mistake, made by no one

So while the little me is experiencing this grey-ish dusk of
a reality once real
The big me experience nothing
being everything

36 lines, none the wiser


2 responses to “The Dark-ish Night

  1. Eva 2014/05/03 at 18:58

    a reality once real…
    experience nothing being everything…

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