Sum Ergo Sum

A Solitary Autopilot – A Rainy Day

There is a sense of thought only being possible when on autopilot.
When the thinker is consciously trying to think, there is no thought.
Consciousness and thought does not appear simultaneously.
Whenever thoughtful, I disappear.
When I reappear, thought is gone.
Thus, the original I cannot think but only have thoughts automatically appearing.
The original I is washed in thoughts like the forest by water on a rainy day.
Let it rain whenever it rains.
Clouds come and go.
It’s ok to close your eyes looking at the sky. Remember, the light is never switched off.
It appears
It disappears
It reappears
Appearently,  there’s no problem at all.


3 responses to “A Solitary Autopilot – A Rainy Day

  1. seeingwhatis 2014/03/25 at 15:30

    Fantastic! It works!

  2. Ajay 2014/03/26 at 07:27

    beautiful…just beautiful

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