Sum Ergo Sum

There is no self to be yours

When reading about Suzuki Shōsan and his emphasis on visualizing a fierce Buddha figure I come to think of my 4 year old girl and her emphasis on role play. What is the line connecting these dots? What does a 16th century warrior monk and a little girl have in common?

Besides being different manifestations of the same inherently empty energy, there is something else. Could it be that both is suggesting a way to build a desired “self”. The monk knows there is no self besides that which is created moment by moment, built by no one, belonging to no one but yet a self-form. The girl knows the apperance of multiple selves and is trying to create one of her own.

Suzuki Shōsan has the idea of a fierce Buddha figure taking place in the idea of self. The strength thus gained will protect from weakness and delusion. It will be a companion on the path to liberation.
The little girl has no such idea. In fact, she’s probably totally ignorant about the whole process. She’s just playing with characters to find out which one fits. She’s trying on different personalities to find something suitable to wear as her Self. When done she will assume that “this is me”.

We all start out with nothing and in the end there is nothing left.



Let me put it this way:

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