Sum Ergo Sum

Dismissing the Guard

It was Me Me Me running around

searching for knowledge

to become Mine Mine Mine

Slowing down to catch

My My My breath

I realized Who caught it

and Who got it

There It was

always had been


And the crow

    in My My My case

    becoming That Instance of Occurring

the very room around me

came in with it

settled down in the nest of reality

letting the knower be known

Dismissing the guard

at The Gateless Gate 


10 responses to “Dismissing the Guard

  1. seeingwhatis 2014/02/07 at 00:20

    “The gateless Gate”… sounds perfect.

    • Niklas 2014/02/07 at 00:38

      Its a Zen thing. Known it, thought about it and written about it. Now I know the “gate” is where perception enters experience and become memories/story. Ego gone leaves gate open for direct un-filterd contact with What Is. Once egos experience, now just that which happens. In it goes and what’s there will decide what happens then. No one there to pick the appropriate respons unless ego signs up again. Now I do know there is no one to choose ego or no-ego BUT I know exactly the way it works. Too bad no one seems that interested so far. I’ll see if patience happens. So far only frustration. It is what it is.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/02/07 at 01:03

        🙂 you could write a book about it. Since you a educated in the field it could be a revolutionary book in the field.
        Problem is that if people havent seen this, they will reject it, dismiss it as a fantasy.

      • Niklas 2014/02/07 at 02:48

        A fantasy book perhaps? They’re selling like crazy. But then again, it has to be fiction based on illusion and not Enlightenment 101. That will make “seekers” think its just dry science robbed of everything truly human (true) and put off “scientist” thinking its just spaced out and weired (true). The majority between Awareness, which is Form, and Knowledge, which is Emptieness. are contracted dense energy unable to know the seen or to see the known. I will write about that later. I’m like the Mad Scientist scribbling notes and drawing patterns as soon there’s 5 minutes to spare. No sleep and a lot of everyday work holding it back. Thats the biggest frustration. Good to know that’s how it has to be. No one is doing anything to anyone. It’s just a universal chain of effects with ego-mind as an end product or a cul-de-sac. It seems like everything but can’t do anything.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/02/07 at 01:08

        I agree with how you reason about this. I too know that this is how it works.People have a hard time believing that there can be experience without perception. The perception is the interpreting of experience. Ant perception happens some time after actual experience. So perception is not direct seeing. While pure seeing just is pure experience.
        Or how would you put it. Words are difficult and maybe I mix them up?

      • Niklas 2014/02/07 at 02:58

        The way I want to put it is “a lot of mixed up concepts when in reality it’s rather simple”. That awesome simplicity is my piece of hauling Dharma to the people. I will be relentless, like a Vajrapani on Motorhead. Just go on and on and on until message is recived – What You see is what You Get.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/02/07 at 15:18

        yes, I guess. At the moment I am trying to meet the demands of the made up world.

      • Niklas 2014/02/07 at 15:46

        Ego is frustrated here but I’ve got my taste of the unconditioned motion underneath so it’s mostly energy changing place now.
        I which my condition will take me to a situation with more vivid and positive flow. I cannot control the outcome of my whishes any more.
        It’s all a matter of what matters haha.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/02/07 at 17:31

        🙂 I recognice that. Perfect opportunity to practice the very delicate art of total acceptance. Strange.

      • Niklas 2014/02/07 at 18:04

        Yeah acceptance happens or not. Aiming for it, cultivating the intention is good enough. Hopefully I’ll do that. We’ll see if there’s enough in me to pull it off. Either way I’m grateful to just be “part of” whatever happens. Waking up makes even the crappy day a good day. No regret, no blame, no fear. Life is all there is.

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