Sum Ergo Sum

The Frogs Leap

Being human is being a frog
Dwelling in the ocean of oneness
Hopping around on the beach of dualism

On the beach, there is a frog
On the beach, there is a beach here
and an ocean there
On the beach, there is a frog on the beach and the frog is Me

Once in the ocean, the ocean disappears, still wet
In the ocean the beach is gone, still dry
In the ocean, there is no frog, still swimming
Every thing gone, still there

Out of the ocean a no-frog jumps up, landing on a non existing beach
Every thing re-appears


21 responses to “The Frogs Leap

    • Niklas 2014/01/14 at 11:30

      As always, if it doesn’t resonate, it’s useless. Throw it away and forget it. Everything written is “on the beach” and should only be regarded as dualism pretending to be non-dualism. The conscious mind cannot work any other way. It’s stuck on the beach. Luckily enough, this frog sometimes falls into the ocean.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/01/20 at 14:44

        Sometimes the text in the sand is an expression of dualism. Sometimes its aligned with “what is” as something else than an expression of dualism.
        It can also be both, depending on how its interpreted by the reader.

      • Niklas 2014/01/20 at 17:05

        Guess I agree. I’d put it like this: any interpretation happening inside conscious mind is by default dualistic. The writing in the sand is the writing in the sand i.e. patterns/forms of energy/life/tao. Interpretation of those patterns create the apperance of “writing”, “in” and “the sand”.
        In “the ocean” however, both the actual patterns/forms AND the interpretation/illusion co-excists. The former is one aspect of “what is”, the latter is another one.
        This here writing is therefore 100% dualistic, the scource out of which it arose is not. This writing is not an illusion, neither is it what it appears to be. It’s origin is unthinkable.
        I love that paradox. It brings me joy and a sense of awesomeness.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/01/23 at 11:10

        Well, that’s one way to see it. There is the possibility to not see the dualism, if we don’t enjoy the dualism or believe in it. Or if of we find “what is” more appelling.
        There is no separation between separated stuff. They are interdependent. But the higgs particle is the lack of a particle, not a particle. It’s the search for it. By universe itself..

      • Niklas 2014/01/23 at 11:57

        I cannot grasp the possibility of knowing one from the other if the latter – say dualism – is not present. To me that would be comparing What Is with a recollection of Not-What Is.
        To me it appears/is like watching a coin. I can only see one side at a time but however it looks, it’s existence is only possible with the flipside. What looks like non-dual has dual hidden. The apperance of a Guru can only rise out of foolishness. If we could make
        away with one, the other goes with it…but we can’t.
        Writing this brings forward the crude, rigid and aggressive quality of dualism. When done I’ll probably hit flow mode, just being “walking”.
        We’ll see how the coin falls.

        As always, we’re just being clever fools in here.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/01/23 at 14:20

        Well Niklas, Thats actuallt almost exactly what I said.
        There is no separation between the so called separated and the non dual (two objects, to concepts). I called it “stuff” above.
        The Guru teacher only exists in a (fools) mind. Always in the followers mind and often in the tracers mind. If he is a believer.
        If so, if he is a believer, then he is the gravitational strive for harmony by beeing the lack and the misplacement of the original dance of atoms.
        If he is not a believer, he is the original dance wearing off its true state to all there is.

      • Niklas 2014/01/23 at 14:31

        I agree…. for now….haha.

      • Niklas 2014/01/23 at 20:39

        So there’s actually two dances, one original and one misplaced? No, that cannot be. Nor can it be one dance only.
        In conscious mind there will forever be millions and millions of dances, patterns, forms, illusions, energies, atoms, creations, happenings, potentials and so on. It never ends as long as there is a conceptual consciousness at work. This is what it does. Just look at the dualistic tirade of confusion this consciousness is creating right here. It’s a wonderful mess!
        In a moment of non-conceptual awareness I cannot come up with this. In that moment there is nothing non-conceptual vs conceptual, no awareness vs un-awareness and no dance to value as original or misplaced. Still, the unconditional ground/space/scourse out of which these mind forms arise is of course ever present.
        That scource is the dance and appearently, some dancers move in such a way that “illusion” arise and becomes just another dancer.
        Enlightened mind is indeed Ordinary mind. Same same but different.
        It’s really a game all this but still quite entertaining. It entertains the conceptual mind, feeds it energy and keeps it occupied.
        Your turn πŸ˜‰

  1. seeingwhatis 2014/01/24 at 10:12

    If he is a believer, he is blind in this gravity.
    If he is a belliever and have also faith, then he will do the original dance although being a believer.
    He may… Is a better choise of word
    A blind human dancing the perfect dance. Not seeing what is. Only beeing it.
    That’s the difference between belief and no belief.

    What is, is all, but you are but an image, seen only by a projection of a projection.

    There is universe. And then there is this one VHS movie. I have a different VHS than you.
    I may claim its also part of the universe.
    You may say “sure”.
    I may feel good about that.
    Each evening you whatch that movie on a huge all-surrounding wide-screen.
    And say: this is also “what is”.
    As you always did, but before there was no doubt. No belief.
    It used to be the truth. To you. And therefore it was A truth. In a way.
    You think so?
    We can’t swim in the absence of water, though the absence of water makes water exist.
    So choose. Air or water. Swim or fly.
    Swim in the sky?
    Well, give it a shot.

    • seeingwhatis 2014/01/24 at 10:35

      About the dance, you didn’t understand.
      There is one dance.
      The misplacement, is the engine of the dance, the catalysator. They call it the “highs particle” but its not a particle, its the absence of the original state.
      The original state is in itself the highs particle, and has in itself the ability to dance…

      It’s the unmanifested taking on all shapes. That’s the dance.
      The manifested is what people get caught up in. We believe it, since we are also manifested.
      But really, we are the consciousness.
      And in this moment also a bird, an egg, or a cat. Or a human.
      Conditioned love keeps us trapped in the play.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/01/24 at 10:43

        Higgs… Particle..

      • Niklas 2014/01/24 at 11:14

        5 minutes on Wiki says the Higgs field consist of 2 neutral and 1 positive sub fields. A simple mind like mine says that theory needs a lot of patches not to violate the most basic axioms in math and physics.
        Now, that conclusion will prolly not bring me a Nobel Prize.

      • seeingwhatis 2014/01/28 at 11:40

        The nobel commity is have for all future made a fool of them selves.

      • Niklas 2014/01/24 at 11:21

        Q: What’s the difference between a cheese?
        A: There are holes in the cheese but no cheese in the holes!

    • Niklas 2014/01/25 at 11:48

      Great Doubt, Great Faith. Yes, it is so.

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