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The practice of abstention

To abstain from putting effort into ones mind-ing is a wonderful thing. It can happen before something have grown tangible enough to be an object of letting go, before you are able to say for sure what to let go of.

There is a subtle movement of mind that awaits to be picked up and cared for. That is the habit of mind, to pick up movement from outside or inside
and “make something” out of it;
an instruction, an answer, an idea,
a question, a decision, an insight,
anything to make it real and useful.

When movement have formed to a mind-object;
a thought, a physical sensation,
a melody or even the concept of “silence”,
as soon as you consciously “know” it, there is some “thing” to let go of.

Now, if you can identify and connect with the energy of minds movement, there is the possibility of letting go of picking up. This is a delicate practice at the heart of effort vs. relaxation. I have spent many hours in meditation putting effort into letting go of something already present as a mind object. I guess that’s how the show goes for most of us.
You sit, things come up and then there’s the struggle involving effort, relaxiation, acceptance, naming, breathing, concentration and so on.

Having exhausted – enough of –  my capability to work along those lines, I have come to a place where all these concepts are words on paper. They look different but seems to come from the same place.
That place is where the energy of minds movement resides. I could not tell where that is, and anyway that’s besides the point of this post.
The point is to let that place open up.
That is where the “not- picking up” can happen.

The wierd(-est) part is of course that in a place where no thoughts or mind objects are defined or understood, there is no “you” that can “not-pick up” anything. Do you see the hillarious paradox?
Therefore, you cannot go to this place by intention alone. The intention itself keeps you stuck on the level of ready-made mind objects. If you start off with the intention of “opening up to the place where mental energy, or movement, has not yet been formed into specific mind objects“, you are already knee-deep in all those concepts.
“You” have to “open up” – whatever that means.
“You” are looking for “the place” – wherever that is.
Worst of all, you’re supposed to identify something that is without form and therefore cannot be identified as some “thing” without “form”.

The process I suggest is instead related to the acceptance of whatever will appear in your mind before it actually appears. The familiarity with an ever present mind- energy that doesn’t need to be care for.
You can read about it HERE and HERE.


18 responses to “The practice of abstention

  1. seeingwhatis 2013/12/16 at 22:18

    There is no mind to let go of. There is nothing we can ever express. Everything is what it is.
    Mind is not enemy.
    Belief in mind is dreaming. But it stays or goes. Can’t let it go, if you think it is a IT.
    Consciousness is not enemy, nor perception.
    Clear perception happens when delusions are no more.
    And at that point you are no more.
    Still people believe you are there.

    • Niklas 2013/12/16 at 22:46

      And while living, we humans sometimes engage in minding about the inexpressable, making arguments built on concepts like “letting go, perception, mind, enemy” and so on. That’s fine as long as we know the difference between What Is and our mind/belief/dream about What Is.
      To Me the dream is real. When I’m not there, dreaming is not possible.
      Both happens. Knowing the difference happens.
      Now I will take this stupid man to bed. He needs rest. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. Let’s celebrate.

      • seeingwhatis 2013/12/17 at 12:07

        Dream may be defined: belief in concepts. Everything is real.
        But belief in concepts, or any belief, prevents us from seeing anything but our belief.
        I don’t think you mean that you are a believer. I can see you are not.
        So, step 1 is not to believe in concepts, step 2 is to be so totally without belief that we can engage in the play, without a ME, as something that just happens spontaniously. Without evaluating.
        I am not a stupid man, nor are you. We are just stupid men.
        For those who want us to be that. LOL
        Merry Christmas

  2. Niklas 2013/12/17 at 15:25

    “I discovered that it is necessary, absolutely necessary, to believe in nothing. That is, we have to believe in something which has no form and no color–something which exists before all forms and colors appear… No matter what god or doctrine you believe in, if you become attached to it, your belief will be based more or less on a self-centered idea.”
    ― Shunryu Suzuki

    That is from one of my favourite guys. I find myself believing that he is correct, haha.
    That “nothing”, to me, is what appears in mind as different forms, concepts and so on. That can be named and thought about.
    That “something”, to me, is same as What Is.

    • seeingwhatis 2013/12/17 at 16:50

      I get your point.
      But there is mo need to believe. Only “an individual” believe.
      He is not enlightened, that’s what he is saying. He is egoidentified and doesn’t “believe” in the possibility of not beeing. How could he.
      As egos we have to have total faith in what we don’t know. Then it may happen, the shift. Faith in the unknown… trusting that something.. is just what it is.
      We can only glimpse it until we become it, in other words, until we stop becoming individuals.
      So… We can let ourself happen, by not holding on. It’s impossible to hold on to anything. If we see that, we can let go without letting go. As you once said.

  3. seeingwhatis 2013/12/17 at 23:25

    I never ever get bored. I have no agenda.

  4. seeingwhatis 2013/12/29 at 00:52

    I still owe you one 🙂

  5. Marcelo 2014/01/01 at 12:13

    you guys are funny!

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