Sum Ergo Sum

Let’s Groove

No judgements, no values just accepting whatever I am. Out goes credit and praise. Out goes the merit of my strivings. I’m robbed of everything I have. Piece by piece dissolving with every breath.
Strange fruit hangs in Bodhi Trees.
Empty shells of former Me-s.

It’s not hard or difficult as long as I remember the bottom line.
Open your heart and listen to the music. It’s a dance of energy and I am that dance. I am the music.
Every loss is gain.
Every accomplishment is failure.
It’s just variation in rythm and harmony.

Not accepting the death of Me is nothing but a few notes in the cosmic dancehall. I can dance to that. In fact, I must dance to that.
My choise is between being groovy or being stiff.
Let’s groove!


One response to “Let’s Groove

  1. seeingwhatis 2013/09/19 at 08:19

    ” Every accomplishment is failure. ”

Let me put it this way:

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