Sum Ergo Sum

The Constant Gardener

Just sitting bores my self stiff
Roshi says “Doing nothing is nice for a change”
My self says “It’s boring and frustrating.
Nothing ever happens. It feels useless”
Just sitting kills my self
We smile

He’s watching my continuus self-icide
I look for distractions, credentials
He gives me nothing
That’s the plan
I suppose…

 If Roshi keeps handing me nothing,
eventually I might get it
Meanwhile my self squirms and moans
Sitting is not boring
It’s scary

 Relentless progress
Letting the tree grow
Just as it stands
Killing the constant gardener


3 responses to “The Constant Gardener

    • Niklas 2013/09/13 at 17:19

      Yup, dokusan last tuesday. Just fooling with my Self, haha. We gotta keep the illusory guy in his right place. He too often forgets who he is and falls back into comfortable habits.
      Thought it was time to face the healthy zen-wall and maybe do a sesshin next year. 7 days of absolutely nothing. 7 days of not trying to avoid accomplishing anything.
      Ahh, paradox.

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