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The Path To No-Path

I’ve recently noticed how many of those who advocate no-practice has a history of rather diligent practice before this insight. I count myself among them so they must be lovable people all of them, but aren’t they/we a bit too much in the moment saying that all practice done by a “seeker” is ultimately strengthening a dualistic perspective?

Isn’t it a basic rule of, for example zen, that you have to push that search for “personal development” to the point where it becomes impossible and even absurd? That’s my experience and understanding anyway. Trungpa Rinpoche plays the same game very consistently in his view on Spiritual Materialism. You have to fall in love with at “dualistic” practice first, really hold on to it and give it your best shot. When you hit the wall of not getting anywhere – because you try so hard for your ego-self to be enlightened – then you can experience the dropping of practice in that formal sense, or rather “dropping can happen”.

A guy like Tony Parsons, who argues very beautifully for the letting go of practice, says he spent 3 years with Osho prior to his liberating experience and goodbye to Tony Parsons. Jeff Foster claims he was totally exhausted with spiritual seeking when he one day sort of collapsed and realised that it was all for nothing and that Everything There Is had been under his nose all the time.

I love those guys and share their story for most parts, but for me it is obvious that the “letting go” is what happened after my previous intensive “seeking”, and for me the sequence is logical in a way. I doubt it would have happened had I not lost myself in self-inquiry, zazen, yoga, chackras and concentration practice to begin with.

Just a thought. Nothing better, nothing worse just different. As always, I’m a bit sceptical when someone defends his/her way as superior to others. I can’t help but smell an ego-rat in such arguments. For what I know a few trips on acid might be the best way for some. There’s actually some interesting research along those lines so….
May every-ones God of choice make them happy and full of love.

Peace Out
Sleepiness is about to happen.


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