Sum Ergo Sum

No Practice No Retake

So what’s up with your practice? Is there progress in meditation, are you being present enough?

Have you balanced the root chackra and done your yoga positions? Is progress taking you anywhere?
I’m sure you have checked with the curriculum of choise and asked some head-master about it.

-Am I doing it right?
-What do I do now?
-Am I thinking wisely?
-Is this an insight?
-Is it right to …?
-Is it wrong to…?

All of that is perfectly fine. It is not futile or meaningless. It is not lame or stupid. If it were, I’m King Stupid for sure.
If what we call “spiritual practice” happens, it happens. Maybe it’s a good happening, maybe not. Who knows what happens next?

Just notice, there is no one doing the practice and there is no practice time separate from lifetime. There is no hiding from life. No place to go where you can refine your apperance to make it worthy elsewhere. Wherever you practice and whatever you do, the camera is on. Life is live and direct. A broad, if not boundless, cast that goes on 24/7. It doesn’t stop for you to rehearse because rehearsal is part of the play. It’s an episode called “Rehearsal”. There are no stand-ins for your part. In fact, there are no parts. There is just One Great Show and the One Great Show goes on and on and on.

You didn’t have to audition for the One Great Show. No one was dissmissed. Everything, including “You” and “Me”,  is signed up by default. There were no obligations, no strings attached. Life made us happen, no questions asked. You didn’t choose and you were not selected by anyone. There is no one or no thing to blame for any thing. No reason, no expectations, no jury.
Life is not American Idol, but Everything Happening is an expression of Life, including American Idol.

So keep “practicing” or let go of “practice”. It’s all the same. It is Life Happening in various forms and ways. It has no direction, so the “Director” is an equal part of the play. Controlling no one, controlled by no one.


Let me put it this way:

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