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No One Sits – So Who Stays Sitting, Who Gets Up?

If there is no one individual, separate person sitting on the cushion, who is it that is supposed to stay there until the gong sounds?
Who is doing the practice correctly and who fails miserably? If failure and success is possible we must assume there is someone there to praise or whip. Some separate individual in control of her/his actions. Who would that be?
If I get up before the designated sitting-time, who controls and thus decides that action. Did I just make myself “getting up”? Did the others make themselves/their selves stay put?
How wiered a perspective that is. At least in a practice thought out to promote the realisation of “oneness” and “letting go”.

Actually, there is no one in control of anything. Not in the zendo. Not in the not-zendo.
If you sit, there is sitting.
If you get up, there is getting up.
There is no “you” doing either. Neither is it the “entire universe” doing it. Still it happens.

So, drop the idea of you doing anything and let doing happen. There is no one to stop it. It never ever fails. Never has, never will.

“It” keeps on “happening”.


4 responses to “No One Sits – So Who Stays Sitting, Who Gets Up?

  1. seeingwhatis 2012/11/08 at 09:57

    Very true, all of it.

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