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Discovering a Path To Abandon – That’s The Real Shit

In order to free yourself from your self you must give up the apperance of  a self in the first place. To do that we’re supposed to enter some kind of path towards that very end. When we enter the path, we’re stuck in the beliefe that there is actually someone, me, doing it. It has to be that way. If not we wouldn’t bother with it, right? If no one is there, who’s doing all the required practice?

The purpous of all religious or spiritual practice pointing to the supposed liberation of the true self is to deploy a cul de sac, a path which leads nowhere, a dead end. The dead end can be viewed as a symbol of how seeking, in itself, is an activity leading away from actual life. Paradoxically, it is generally seen as leading towards the much desired “real” life, the ultimate being.

From my current perspective, you are advised to stop seeking altogether. But how is this possible when there’s no one there to stop it, or so I prupouse. Well, you have to start on the wrong foot, like it or not. If there is something to give up there must first be an activity which to give up. If I don’t do anything – which is ultimately true – how can I stop doing it?
Now, assume we’re all searching for something we believe is missing, the first step towards giving up the search is the sense of being a seeker. It is when you define yourself as a “seeker” that the marketplace of spiritual practices appears with all it’s incence, bells, hymns, scriptures, vows, rituals and rules of conduct. It’s a very strange marketplace because it appears as the anti-marketplace. Still it functions as marketplaces do. There’s directors, employees, offices, offerings, merchandice and buissness per usual. There’s nothing bad or good about all that. It just is as it is and that is It.

Anyways, if you, the seeker, buys into the practice of seeking in a very structured way, you have finally something to give up. The giving up has been made possible by this dualistic construction of seeker-practice-liberation. The absurdity is that it works the other way round.
Liberation is already here, so you can drop the practice and then you can drop the seeker. Voilá, what´s left is that which Is. We end up with Everything That Is and the fact that Everything That Is equals Everything That Ever Was as well as Everything That Ever Will Be. It’s omnipresent and all inclusive. The Mother of All Inclusives.

But the way to get here is to first recognize that you are in fact seeking, and then to get there, into the dead end. Striving on the path on which the sense of self is indeed enforced you must try really, really hard. you must meditate, concentrate, jump up and down, recite sutras and sing gospels, rub your chacras, live mindfully, praise the lord and so on.
 If it happens so that the seeker knocks herself out sufficiently on this brick wall of “trying to achieve liberation”, then she might give up the practice. Then it can go either wayI suppose. As long as she doesn’t also give up the “seeker”, some kind of depression may arise. She’s stuck with a “self” that has failed it’s suicide attempt and that’s rather depressing ain’t it? On the other hand, if she drops not only the practice but also the practitioner, there is no one there to have failed. Also, there is no one there that have succeeded. Faliure and success becomes completely irrelevant, and that is maybe the taste of freedom.

What then causes the situation to go either the depressive route or the liberating route?
Well I guess ther is no one to answer that.

Shit Happens. Sometimes “good” shit. Sometimes “bad” shit. Always The Real Shit.


6 responses to “Discovering a Path To Abandon – That’s The Real Shit

  1. seeingwhatis 2012/11/06 at 13:41

    Depression arise our of a profound hunch, that there is something more to it then “this” when “this” is supposedly only the world people mirror with words, and with a false consensus regarding the supposedly objective interpretations of these words.
    A seeker is born…

    Seekers are the biggest believers. Those who are totally trapped in belief.
    Most people, all in fact, are believers. But when the world is seen through, but the “I” is not seen through, great suffering arise.

    This path leads to mental health problems 🙂 You become dysfunctional – if the total acceptance of belief in separation is allowed to be the norm.
    You are not happy. You lack something. You have seen truth but can not grasp it. You will long for something else…
    If suffering become great, you may settle for anything. If you can’t stand it anymore, you may be open for trying the last way out. Namely, the possibility that you yourself is an illusion.
    That’s what it takes.
    And there is the answer.
    The only truth, since there is nothing else.
    Nothing but what is.
    Nothing but your true self, not apart, not separated from anything.
    Not separated from the seen, by the interpretation.
    You are that.
    The seen.
    Experiencing it self through your consciousness.
    And through all sensory perceptions in all beeings on earth.
    And now you know it. So thought creations disappear throuh your non reacting consciousness.

    The strive for knowledge was successful and made your illusionary self self-destruct.

    • Niklas 2012/11/06 at 14:15

      You have seen truth but can not grasp it.

      You have seen the truth but not that you are a part of it

      Experiencing it self through your consciousness

      Walking is the true walking experienced through a consciousness?

      So consciousness is the flashlight, energy is the driving force and the result is a narrowed cone of light illuminating a particular portion of reality.
      Take out energy and it’s all dead non-existence.
      Take out consciousness and there is unrestricted, non-intentional light.
      Take out the narrow cone of light….well, that can’t be done as long as there’s a flashlight with energy in it so forget it.
      We’re stuck with a consciousness that by it’s very nature cannot produce anything but this illumination of partial reality. It needn’t be “distorted”, but it’s definately leaving out the wholeness. Also, the flashlight is not all there is and the light it produces is not the same as whatever it’s currently illuminating. But if we can make it less bright and restricted, a bigger picture can arise. The opposite being a laser like focus which destroys anything that comes in it’s way.

      Coffee break ramblings—–

      • seeingwhatis 2012/11/06 at 18:16

        I dont follow exaktly. You may be on spot, I just dont follow. However, how I see it, for what its worth:

        Consciousness is not a flashlight.
        The direction is reverse. Consciousness is all there is. Sometimes the consciousness takes the form of life.
        In this form there is a possibility for it to expeience itself.
        But the mind is in the way for this to happen.
        Without the mind there is wordless, label-less “perception” (with reservation for all possible interpretations of this word) .
        This perception can not be remembered. But noted by the mind. Mind then tell this story.
        Mind doesnt rule, but do all the talking. As an instrument.
        A rather usless instrument.
        Talking has concious flaws.
        There is never consencus between the thumb and the finger next to it. The tip of the fingers strive for consensus. But are not even separated. Not even the tips…
        I guess you have seen the flashlight 🙂
        It illuminates. I don’t know what it means, but I see it too.
        I don’t care what it means. Not important. Auras is seen too now.
        Also not important.
        But fun. Fashimating. On level of form.
        See you soon 🙂

      • Niklas 2012/11/06 at 22:38

        Oh, one thing just popped up. When you say “sometimes the consciousness takes the form of life” I’m thinking “life sometimes takes the form of consciousness”. I don’t have the hindu references going for me so…
        Even if we’re just juggling words here – life, or maybe “unconditioned being”, seems to me like the real stuff as in That Which Is. If that is regarded as the all inclusive, non-dual All, then consciousness would be but one of the many forms arising/happening in it.
        But then we face the old problem of how to put non-dual Everything in words since “in it” must be in opposite to “outside of it” and – dang it – dualism comes knocking.

        Bottom line, or my lowest point if you will, is that consciousness is not all there is. But when it happens it usually does so together with, say “seeing” and “thinking”. When that happens there might be “typing”, as it happens now together with “me”. Those things would not happen in this way without the precence of consciousness. Lots of other stuff would indeed keep on happening e.g. heartbeats, laptop, wife, bed, hair growing etc. Just because “consciousness” is momentarily not here, it does not follow that everything goes extinct. It goes on perfectly well without this particular body being conscious about it.

        Anyway, we can laugh about this at the friday-happening.
        We’re still both right on target.
        Aimlessly shooting, I will always hit the bull’s eye.

      • seeingwhatis 2012/11/06 at 23:11

        I look forward to it 😀
        Well, with consciousness I really mean “all there is” … Every stone, every atom of dirt in entire universe.
        So I guess the words is the hindrance here. 🙂
        Let’s not pay to much attention to them.

      • Niklas 2012/11/06 at 19:52

        I think Ken Wilber had the ultimate take on matters like these:
        “Everyone is always right”

        Love the guy
        Love you
        Love it

        In the meantime; confucion
        then blank

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