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Why Dicipline Is an Absolute Must

Having ADD-functioning and no compulsiveness to balance it out, I’m no big fan of structure and dicipline. This is one of my major issues with Buddhas method of waking up. When it comes to actually changing my erratic and flimsy behavior patterns I often resist, more or less consciously.

So apperently I need dicipline more than I like dicipline. A lot of Buddhist practice is about dicipline and controling your actions.
A lot, and I know all the good reasons for it.
* Structured practice is an expression of Enlightenment
* Dicipline is required in dealing with forces like desire and attachments
* Right actions will not come out of sloppiness
* And so on

My mind is very innovative and creating in argumenting against that kind of talk. I will not bother you with all the wrong reasons for my obstruction of dicipline. They are very clever, rational and boring.
Most of the time they work very well thank you.
So, how can I overcome this stuckness of “Yes, but”-s? As long as I don’t, my practice will be ok, maybe even good, but never excellent and inspiering.

Hopefully my answer lies in ultramarathon running. Or rather in the wisdom of ultramarathon runners. I do run ultras and in a lot of ways it resembles The Path. It’s hard work and the payoff is sometimes hard to explain to the non-practitioners. You just have to do it. Like sleeping and eating. Once you’re in with both feet, it’s hard to give it up.
In Bryon Powell’s Relentless Forward Progress this tip for newbies struck me as irrefutable:

– If you see all the pro’s in the game doing the same thing it’s usually a good thing to do

The logic in this held my pants down so to say. I won’t even try to cover my “Yes But”. I will of course keep resisting dicipline, but from now on I’m aware of how stupid it is. I will no longer pride myself with finding the most obvious reason not to change my ways. 
I’ve seen what the top dogs do in regard to dicipline.
When they act “spontaneously” it’s always from standing on solid ground. That solid ground is that which is void and I will never touch that space without dicipline as steady hand to guide me there.
I wouldn’t dare.


2 responses to “Why Dicipline Is an Absolute Must

  1. seeingwhatis 2013/11/24 at 20:17

    I must say you did quite well, dispite your so called “handicap”. Blessed be it.
    Well done, noone.

    • Niklas 2013/11/24 at 21:41

      You know I had to. The effort was not by me but”through” me.
      We are All to congratulate.
      We’re doing well.

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