Sum Ergo Sum

Simple naming

Quickly, I say to myself, write it down before it becomes a habit. Early morning waitin for the bus. Not plugging the iphone in ears, but naming sights.
There’s a school, yellow-ish facade, fence, swings, people going in, two older, one child, flagpost with banner, wind from…southeast, comes the bus, lights, reflections in the wet asphalt, driver almost smiling, seat, green, empty, street light, silhouettes of trees, one is pointing …
About there comes a smile and something in my stomach. I sense it, try to understand it and it slowly fades. Ten seconds of what might be simple appreciation of “what is”. At least I hope so. If true, then practice will pave the ground for more of this.
Then the concept of grasping is tossed in. Can I play with it? Bounce it a bit and hold it? How about wanting to grasp instead of pushing it away? Embrace the very thing that keeps me from getting what I want. Paradoxical respons to paradox…iLike. Double negation and minus minus. If mindgames are on, they might as well be playful. The simple smile was the important point anyway.


Let me put it this way:

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