Sum Ergo Sum

I love my Coca-Cola

I just made a funny mind flip. After the last sip Coke, I was holding the empty bottle in front of me and thought
– This should be cared for…not recycled. It’s a perfectly good bottle. No holes in it and very lightweight. It has a handy screw top and is easy to clean. Actually, it’s much better than one made of glass or clay. Maybe that’s why plastic bottles sell so well, duh?
But wait a sec… if plastic bottles are so useful and handy, why throw them in the samsara of recycling? Don’t get me too wrong. I’m pro recycling in general. In fact I’ve never had one single negative thought on it. Until now that is. You see, the moment I noticed what’s good about the bottle, I decided not to buy a fancy buddha-designed-authentic-tibetan-singing bowl-cup. Not that I’ve had the idea (somewhere someone more biz-minded than me is thinking – hmm that’s an idea), but you get the pic. Buying stuff to create an image or identity we long for. That whole nonsense, and I’ve done a lot, hit me. I looked at the plastic bottle, my bottle, and thought- I will keep you and care for you. Making that seemingly silly promise I suddenly felt good. How strange. But then I rememberd a quote; The dignity of a nation is defined by how well it treats the ones who least deserve it.
Maybe the good feeling was a flash of dignity?
In any case, thanks to this simple, mass produced and cheap coca-cola bottle I have no need for a new one, and after all recycling is good but breaking the cycle is better.


Let me put it this way:

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