Sum Ergo Sum

Perfectly Normal

After sitting down the whole day and talking about the beauty of simplicity in everyday life, a thought pops up.
Ok, 347 thoughts pop up, and here’s one;
If you meditate to the point where beauty and wonder is seen in all that you come across, and you start to regard everything as sacred and special, what happens to the “specific” in “special”? My experience so far is that for something to be “special” it has to be short in supply. That’s like the definition of it. In that case I would end up thinking everything, including what I now regard “special”, is ordinary. I must be missing a point here. Could it be that the Grand Prix is more like; if you meditate enough you’ll begin to appreciate “ordinary” stuff just like do “special” stuff? In that case we’re talking an infinite raise in income without the inflation. Good shit maaaan!
Is it the abandonment of comparison that makes this trick possible?


Let me put it this way:

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