Sum Ergo Sum

Head’s Up

The last post was a random thought on the subway home. Something for my mind to play with (thanks Beate for that gentle way of labelling a restless mind “playful”). After picking my daughter and dog up at the party where I’m not to spend my night, I sat in my car and had this brilliant conversation in…yeah, right…In My Mind. I was talking to my teacher about all the things I didn’t talk about earlier, corrected some mistakes that appear in the Shambhalian literature and revealed a couple of zen-deep insights regarding human nature. As a by-the-way I also picked apart the concept of spontaneity and how ridiculous it is to even mention it. All in all, biz as usual when my mind is let loose. Needless to say it was pretty wild after 12 hours in a strait jacket, and I just let it run wherever. Actually, I’ve got a headache as it is and need not push that envelope any further.

So anyway, first thought (now that’s a laugh) was to blog all that crap just to keep record. I mean, that’s the whole point of writing this stuff anyway so why not? Then I felt like – Nah, there will be so much more from where that came and all the water from that particular well has the same muddy taste to it. I’ll spill a bucket tomorrow.
Now this “not posting too much” is obviously turning into “posting enough to almost make it too much anyway”, so I’ll soon pull the plug on this one. What I did was to write a brief celebration, or cerebration if you will, of my mind. After all, I’ve been wrestling with it all day and it did put up a good one, so here’s to it:
Words are not just words

When mindfully concieved

Thoughts are not just thoughts

When mindfully perceived

Do not reject illusion

Be careful with that head

If it wasn’t for illusion

You’d already be dead




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